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~I know you drank the beer, but did you experience it?

Barleypopmaker's Beer Blog - ~I know you drank the beer, but did you experience it?

Beer Clean Glasses at Home

Sometimes aesthetics matter

┬áIt may not influence your taste or how the aroma of the beer hits your nose, but there is no denying that there is something to be said of a beautifully poured beer. We take pictures of them and share them on untapped or with our beer geek friends. But have you ever noticed that sometimes you go to a nice tap room and the beer in the glass just looks so smooth and beautiful and when you pour it at home the glass looks a bit like a hot mess? The difference is beer clean glasses. Oils, detergents, and dirt in your glass lead to bubbles that look like this. But try as you might, by rinsing your glass or washing it thoroughly you still have the bubbles of the shame. I have great news for you, having beer clean glasses at home is a snap. All you need is a clean rag with no detergent on it, and table salt. That’s it.

So here is an example of a non-beer clean glass from my collection. As you can see the beer itself looks OK, and honestly it tasted pretty good too. But all of those bubbles clinging to side don’t really do the beer justice. A beer honestly looks better when it fills glass with all it’s color and beauty, without the bubbles. I know it’s carbonated. I don’t need to see it clinging to the sides.

So all you need to do is follow the simple steps below, and you will have tap-room quality beers worthy of all those untapped pictures.

  1. Wet the inside of a glass with regular water, empty the glass and pour in table salt. Then swirl the glass around coating the inside of the glass with salt. Everywhere it sticks, is where the glass is clean. Where it doesn’t, is where you have oil, dirt, or detergent which will create nucleation points in the beer causing bubbles on the sides. 

  2. Next take a clean and detergent free cloth ( I use paper towels, they work too) and scrub the inside of the glass with the salt you poured in. 


  3. Then simply rinse, and fill the glass with beer. Boom! Beer clean glass.
  4. Here is a closer look….no bubbles.
  5. OK, OK…..since they looks so nice. Here are a couple more shots of glasses I used the salt trick on. As you notice….no bubbles clinging to the sides. Trust me, this trick works well!