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~I know you drank the beer, but did you experience it?

Barleypopmaker's Beer Blog - ~I know you drank the beer, but did you experience it?

Comprehensive List of Homebrewing Podcasts

Granted, there are a lot more homebrewing podcasts out there than years past. The good news is if you are savvy with iTunes or or other online media, these are fairly easy to find based on content. But it’s always nice to have an online list as well. Below is a list of Homebrewing podcasts and links that I could find to make your life easier. I have not included the multitude of podcasts related to craft beer.

Brünology: OK, honestly…..what kind of list would this be without pumping a podcast I’m a part of. Brünology is a podcast hosted by Dean Wiensch and myself, with a focus of beer evaluation and BJCP styles. It runs between 40 to 60 minutes and is uploaded bi-weekly on Tuesdays. Pros: Awesome hosts! But seriously, we care about the homebrewing community and are committed to helping you out. Cons: We are still learning this podcast thing…(iTunes Link)

The Brewing Network: The Brewing Network is not a singular podcast, but rather a conglomerate of homebrewing podcasts. Shows like the Sunday Session, Brew Strong (my personal favorite), Can You Brew It/The Jamil Show, and Dr. Homebrew they cover all the big topics from craft beer, to advanced homebrewing techniques, to styles and clone brewing, and even give listeners feedback on the air on homebrew they send in. There is no denying that the Brewing Network is the big name heavy hitter as well in the podcast realm with hosts like John Palmer and Jamil Zainasheff you can’t really get bad information. Pros: Big names in craft brewing and homebrewing in every episode. Cons: Can be a bit clicky and inside jokes hard to follow unless you start from the beginning. Itunes Links (The Sunday Session : Brew Strong : Jamil Show/Can You Brew It : Dr. Homebrew)

Basic Brewing Radio: Basic Brewing Radio is a podcasting original. I believe James Spencer was the first podcast I listened to even before TBN came along. The content is solid, and the shows are not too long. I believe between 30-60 minutes on average. Basic Brewing covers a wide range of topics from beer styles, relevant beer news and events, homebrewing experiments, brewing topics, and more. Pros: Clear and concise homebrewing information presented in a very professional manner. Cons: At time, comes across a bit NPR-like and dry. (iTunes Link)

BeerSmith Podcast: Brad Smith, the creator of the invaluable brewing software BeerSmith, also has a podcast that brings you lots of great information and interviews from Homebrewing heavy hitters. Brad concentrates on homebrewing techniques and homebrewing news in his podcast. Pros: Easy to listen to and presented in a professional manner. Cons: It’s rarely about BeerSmith itself, which at first you get the impression it would contain more “how to” information on BeerSmith.  (Itunes Link)

Craft Beer Nation-The BJCP Review Sessions: I’ve included this one because while generally Craft Beer Nation is not focused on homebrewing, this segment is. In this segment several BJCP judges discuss the various styles found in the BJCP guidelines. It’s a great resource for those gearing up for their exams.  Pros: A very diverse panel of well informmed judges bring you great insight into style. Cons: There tends to be a lot of background noises that distract from the show (Kids yelling in the background, dogs barking, etc). (iTunes Link)

Fermentation Nation: Fermentation Nation is a podcast hosted by 6 decorated homebrewers with a wide range of specialties and interests. While I have not personally listened to them at the time of writing this page, I have just discovered them and think I will give them a listen.  (iTunes Link)

Homebrew Happy Hour: A podcast hosted by Todd Burns, the owner of Keg Connection. In this podcast Todd answers listener questions and concerns about homebrewing, kegging, and so forth. (iTunes Link)